Connecting Your Utility Management

from the Board Room

  • Budgeting
  • Capital Expenditures
  • Strategic Decisions
  • Procurement
  • Financial Modeling

to the Boiler Room

  • Building Operations
  • Tenant Comfort
  • Real-Time Response
  • Energy Projects

Achieve Optimal Purchasing Results

Ways to Control Your Expenses

Your business can achieve the most competitive energy purchasing results by following one proven formula – (1) buy in bulk with similarly profiled accounts, (2) compete available suppliers in the marketplace, and (3) execute at competitive trading levels in the commodity markets. While this is a simple recipe, it can be difficult for a single business to navigate the market and produce these results by itself. Taylor provides this proven and successful service for your organization.

UtilityModule 4.0

Monitor and Manage Your Utilities

A suite of digital platforms allows each user to monitor and manage utilities like other company assets. The account data is acquired and maintained by Taylor, while advanced analytical engines account for weather, utility rates, contracts and market trading.

The benefit is current and actionable information, as well as expert support to execute in the volatile marketplace.

Additional Services

Other Ways to Save Time and Money with UM 4.0

Connect UM 4.0 to ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager® and eliminate the need to maintain multiple reporting systems. In many urban markets, commercial properties are required to submit annual benchmarking reports and UM 4.0 can ensure your property’s compliance.

Renewable & Energy Efficiency Services

Comprehensive Approach to Energy Management

As part of its comprehensive approach to energy management, Taylor offers Renewable & Energy Efficiency services that present our customers with innovative programs to save money, generate revenue, improve assets, protect the environment, and ensure our customers’ success while transforming the communities, institutions and businesses that we serve.

From onsite energy generation to solar net meter credit contracts and efficient, alternative energy investments, Taylor provides Renewable & Energy Efficiency services to help our customers choose and implement customized energy programs that significantly reduce operating expenses while enhancing growth, performance, and longevity of their assets.

The Taylor Story

A Nationally Recognized Utility Management Firm

Taylor gained industry acclaim for its innovative, cutting-edge approach to utility management. Since its inception in 2004, Taylor has been awarded and successfully operated city-wide buying groups on behalf of the City of Boston and the City of Philadelphia. As a woman owned business, Taylor has grown every year since its initial systems release in 2009 and has continued to innovate every year since. Taylor’s proprietary platforms service clients throughout manufacturing, higher education, property management, government, retail, as well as various other sectors.

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